C/10 Club Texas

Good people, Cool Trucks and Great Times

C/10 Club Texas

Good people, Cool Trucks and Great Times

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About Us

What are we ?


The C/10 Club is not like any other club, we are a "No Rules, No Dues" type of club. We don't have any mandatory meetings or strict rules. We all have enough responsibilities in our lives (i.e. family, work, etc) the Club shouldn't be one of them. The Club is a way out, a break from the daily grind.

Who are we?


 We have all demographics and all walks of life, with one common interest, classic Chevy / GMC trucks. We get together and share tips, ideas and information about the trucks we love so much. And most of all enjoy each others company.

Why do we do it?


The trucks bring us together,  but the people keep us together. Friendships and bonds are made cause of our common interest. People who would've never met otherwise are now life long friends and brothers. As brother Ronnie says.." the trucks are cool, but the people are cooler".

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C/10 Club Texas